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The Revitalization of Chief Sealth

With funding provided by the Seattle Public Schools BEX III “Building Excellence” program, Chief Sealth is getting a complete renovation, revitalizing the school’s appearance and performance inside and out.

The innovative remodel design encourages strong connections to:

  • The diverse world we live in
  • An attitude of environmental stewardship
  • A personalized learning opportunity for every student

Project Highlights

With the initial BEX III budget and an additional $10 million in funding secured for the project, Chief Sealth is in the process of being completed stripped down to the cement shell and then rebuilt. Reuse of the original cement shell saves money that can then be used on the revitalization of the school and also helps reduce environmental impact, keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills. Chief Sealth will receive many other sustainable features that will greatly reduce the school’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Highlights of this major modernization include:

New Galleria/Commons

Photo of new Galleria under construction, April 26th, 2010.
Photo of new Galleria under construction, April 26th, 2010.

This new structure features radiant floor heating, natural ventilation and, due to the many windows, lots of natural light.

A new, large Galleria space between the two schools offers the flexibility of either separate school use, joint school or community uses. The light-filled and airy structure will accommodate:

  • Separate dining facilities
  • Student services
  • Health center
  • Student activity spaces
  • Large display areas

Completely Renovated Classrooms

CS students view classroom with new skylight, April 8th, 2010

  • Latest Technology Upgrades in every classroom (wireless and wire connectivity, wireless microphones, sound system with mounted speakers, new projectors, DVD/VCR players) and smart boards in many classrooms
  • Natural light including new windows and skylights
  • Daylight-controlled light fixtures
  • Natural ventilation (with the exception of computer rooms) with ceiling fans
  • Energy efficient heating units
  • Heat and ventilation controls in every classroom
  • New floor and wall coverings
  • New furniture

New Foreign Language Classrooms

A key element of the new Chief Sealth International High School is the continued enhancement of culture and language offerings taught at Chief Sealth International – Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. The renovation will include:

  • A new Confucius Institute classroom dedicated to learning the Mandarin language
  • Three redesigned courtyards, each with an international design representing one of the foreign languages taught at Chief Sealth.

Newly Renovated Auditorium

Chief Sealth students viewing auditorium renovation April 8th, 2010
Chief Sealth students viewing auditorium renovation April 8th, 2010

The old auditorium is being completely renovated and when completed, will include:

  • New cushioned seats of which 500+ will be new movie-theater style seats
  • A larger stage with ADA access
  • New “pit” area for performing musicians
  • New acoustic system for the main theater, music rooms and little theater
  • Modernized control room
  • New lighting
  • New safer catwalk
  • New carpeting
  • Its own concession stand for use when there are plays and concerts

Newly Renovated Gym

Old locker rooms demolition underway, January, 2010

Photo of gymnasium under renovation April, 2010

Significant upgrades will be made to the existing gym. The wood floor, due to the high quality of wood used in its original construction, will be completely refinished (with a small portion of the floor that was water damaged to be replaced).

Upgrades to the gym include new:

  • Locker rooms with new lockers, individual showers, offices for coaches and teachers and a multi-purpose room accessible for both classes and pre-and post-game meetings
  • Ticket window, concession area and bathrooms
  • Ceiling and scorecards
  • Sound speakers
  • Weight room equipment
  • Volleyball stand and nets
  • Wrestling mats
  • Bleachers – the old bleachers will be salvaged and turned into new benches, shelves and other woodwork to be used throughout the school.

The Outside

Significant renovations will also be made to the exterior of the building and the campus. These include:

  • A new parking lot and driveway that is leveled off and fits more than one bus or car
  • A new outdoor plaza
  • All new sidewalks and lots of benches in front of the new galleria
  • ADA accessibility
  • Removal of all the old portables in the back section of the site, to be replaced with a walkway, trees and benches
  • Renovated courtyards, each with an international design to reflect the languages taught at Chief Sealth (Hispanic, Japanese & Mandarin)
  • Increased bicycle parking area
  • New outdoor lighting with reduced outdoor light pollution
  • New landscaping including drought tolerant plants
  • Rain gardens to capture water runoff
  • Bioswales to help regulate rain storm water discharge

Other Features

Chief Sealth will receive many other upgrades including:

  • ADA Accessibility throughout the school
  • New fire and sprinkler system
  • New wall insulation and thermal windows
  • Structures that meet new earthquake codes

The Sports Complex and New Sports Fields

Chief Sealth’s old sports field is removed in preparation for new turf installation, July 2008
Chief Sealth’s old sports field is removed in preparation for new turf installation, July 2008

New sports field with new lighting, July 2008

As part of the BEX III Levy, Chief Sealth has received an upgraded sports complex. Upgrades include new turf on the football/soccer field, new lighting, electrical and irrigation systems.

And, with the demolition of the old Denny International Middle School buildings in 2011, a new community/sports field area will be built on the old Denny site for the neighborhood including new tennis courts and a new baseball field for Chief Sealth’s use.


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